When a foodie friend comes to NYC…

…exciting things happen. Such as weight gain. But some other exciting things happen first, such as looking up trendy, new places with a great deal of hype on the food, and listing them down on our To-Try list.

When Meg and Tony told us they were coming for the weekend, we knew we had to bring them to the Mad. Sq. Eats. The bi-annual event is not a gathering of some random street hawkers but one worthy of going to in your loosest pants because good stuff like gourmet burgers, pig’s head sandwiches and authentic Spanish paella would be present.

Don’t those look tempting…

Frankly, a weekend wouldn’t be enough! But we’d have to make do with the time we had for this event. The last time we went by ourselves was in spring last year. It was our first time and boy, did we stuff our faces.

In 2015, it was crowded but fun anyway.

This time around, with Meg and Tony to share food, we ended up eating even more types of food than we thought possible, and we didn’t bother to take any more photos except for il trapizzino (see photo) which won all our votes for being the most memorable item of the day.

Oxtail pizza, sort of.
Oxtail pizza, sort of.

It was certain that Meg and Tony are coming back next year, from their expressions of satisfaction after the festival. Till then, we’ll continue to look for more news-buzzed eats to add to the list.

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